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19 November 2016

King's Hall girls at NSEA Nationals

Four girls recently headed off to Addington Manor Equestrian Centre with their ponies to compete in the NSEA Nationals. Jaime and Danielle Page, Julia Louw and Molly Landau had qualified to compete in the JWS 70cm Arena Eventing involving jumping a course of both show jumps and cross country jumps.

The girls were judged on their style, needing to show a clear distinction between that required for each type of jump. The competition works on penalties and the girls rode clear and with good style, they needed, however, to have tackled the cross country section a little faster to have finished higher. Julia led on points, Molly and Jaime had similar rounds and Danielle had a super round, only to be unseated by her pony right at the end of the cross country section, leading to elimination. Well done girls for finishing 23rd in the country!

Jaime Page: Romany Rivers Othello 28pts

Molly Landau: Pixie 29.5pts

Danielle Page: Canford Crescent Eliminated

Julia Louw: Little Miss Cheeky 20.5pts

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