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7 November 2017

King's Hall eco-warriors help save the planet!

Year 2 engaged in a series of heated discussions this week as they tackled the topic of climate change. The pupils' mission was to investigate the cause of global warming and to learn of the ways in which they could help prevent it.

Over the course of the day, they discovered how recycling products such as paper, plastic and tins help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a greener planet for future generations. Everyone was surprised at their role in determining the future of global warming, with many comparing themselves to a modern day superhero or the even more impressive, eco-warrior.

With this in mind, the pupils grabbed their clipboards and figurative magnifying glass, ready to investigate further. Touring the school, Year 2 made note of staff who had gone out of their way to save energy – this included switching off their lights and appliances when the classroom was empty. The results were very positive!

In the afternoon, pupils then investigated how they could save water by turning the tap off in between washing their hands and brushing their teeth. They realised that by doing these simple tasks on an everyday basis they could make a huge difference to climate change and ultimately help save our planet! Impressive work, Year 2!

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