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5 May 2016

King's girls to perform at 'Taunton Festival of Arts Gala Performance'

I have great delight in telling you that I was contacted by the Taunton Festival of the Arts Committee with regards to Nell Luckhurst and Raffaella Cook's winning performances at this year’s Taunton Drama Festival. This is the committee that overlooks all four of the local Arts Festivals, so the Taunton Music Festival, Taunton Drama Festival, Taunton Dance Festival and the Taunton Film Festival. All of these local arts events have their own week-long Festival at some point in the year, and as with the Taunton Drama Festival, there are always plenty of classes and winners across each week-long competition.

At the end of each year, the Taunton Festival of the Arts committee put on their 'Taunton Festival of the Arts Gala Performance', where they pick the absolute best of the musicians, actors, dancers and films from across all four Festivals to perform: they want Nell and Rafaella to join the Gala Performance!

This is a tremendous achievement for Nell and Raffaella because both girls have been picked from hundreds of children across Taunton and Somerset to perform in this showcase of the very best children. It is very unusual to have two girls of this age and discipline to be picked for this showcase in the same year, as it is often music.

A huge 'well done' to them, I am very proud to be associated with such a high quality of Speech & Drama at King’s Hall.

The Gala Concert takes place on Sunday 12th June at 6.30pm at Queen’s College.

Mr Kirby - Speech and Drama Teacher

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