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13 October 2017

Inspiring art scholarship workshop at King's College

At the start of term, Year 8 Art Scholars from King’s Hall School enjoyed a fun-filled day in the Silvermead Art Studio at King’s College. During the morning, alongside pupils from Exeter Cathedral School, the children explored the work of local artist and King’s art teacher, Anna Morris, before developing their drawing skills with Head of Art, Clare Schmidt, in the afternoon.

Pupils were lucky enough to visit Anna’s exhibition of landscape paintings, which explore the effect of light on surface, land and sea, and were later given the opportunity to ask questions about her work. Inspired by the visit, and as part of an exciting workshop, they were then able to create their own layered, mixed media landscapes.

After lunch, Mrs Schmidt provided pupils with top tips on how to boost their scholarship portfolio grades, and showed them a range of GCSE and A Level sketchbooks as inspiration.

Finally, the Scholars embarked on some large observational drawings, using ink and charcoal, and through trial and error, were taught to embrace their mistakes rather than always reaching for the eraser!

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