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27 September 2017

Inspirational trip to Broomhill Sculpture Gardens

Last Friday saw the Specialist Art group head out on the annual trip to the inspirational Broomhill Sculpture Gardens.

Children enjoyed the opportunity to view a vast array of sculptures first hand and were encouraged to complete a range of sketches; working with a variety of pencils, pens and papers. Being extremely fortunate with the weather and with most of the works under some form of natural canopy, we were able to sit and study individual pieces and explore shape and form.

Photography also came in very handy as a means to capture the sculptures, with an aim to display them in sketchbooks and aid further drawings. Some lovely abstract images were caught by Harrie, who was very much into the detail and texture of several pieces.

Each year it is always amazing to see all the new works that have been added to the collection as well as how older pieces have aged and changed due to the elements.

The different light created by sunny or overcast days dramatically enhances the sculptures and creates a very different effect for the viewer. It was lovely seeing the pupils engaged with the work and I was delighted that they were beginning to ask some very poignant questions.

We finished the day off by perusing this year’s entries for the National Sculpture Prize and concurred on our favourite by artist Benedict Hughes.

We thoroughly enjoyed our time and highly recommend a visit. Please follow the link to the Broomhill website where you can find more information:

A big thank you to Mr Gates for driving as well as the wonderful photos he captured on the day.

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