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15 April 2017

House Music Competition

This year’s House Music Competition drew the Lent Term to a fantastic close. The event featured almost every pupil in the Prep Department (a small number of overseas pupils returned home, and the rugby players have been competing) and showcased a wealth of vocal and instrumental talent.

The entries for the Junior groups were varied, exciting and accomplished and received positive comments and constructive criticism from this year’s judge, Andrew Carter.

The competition began with Oldham’s beautiful rendition of the Mancini classic Moon River. The singers were Peyton Broke-Smith, Emma Duckham, Phoebe Millard, Amber Robinson and Josephine Woodard, and they were accompanied by Charlotte Ambler (cello), Georgina Ambler (violin), Poppy Chedzoy (harp) and Thomas Herbert (French horn). Whitby followed with the toe-tapping The Deadwood Stage from Calamity Jane. Here the singers were Grace Eakhurst, Georgia Fidler, Daisy Kamsner and Oscar Reason, and instrumental parts were provided by Hannah Chisholm (violin), Alice Eakhurst (bassoon) and Daisy Thompson (percussion). The third entry was the charming Rodgers and Hammerstein number Oh, what a beautiful morning! sung by Raffaella Cook and Lily MacNeice. They were accompanied by Jasmine Bolland, Hettie Chippendale, Emmanuella Folorunso and Ella McMillan (violins), JJ Dayus-Jones (cello) and Lexie Wallace (clarinet). Finally, Gibbs drew the Junior Section to a close with the catchy 42nd Street. Felicity Gostling, Sophie Greswell, Magnus Larsen and Isabelle Mantyk-House were the vocalists and Harry Besley (drums), Wilf Gostling (ukulele), Eugene Louw (violin), Oscar Mack (guitar) and Annabel Wright ‘cello) provided instrumental support.

It was a terrific line-up but, in the end, the Junior Class was won by Gibbs.

The Senior entries followed with a similarly diverse field of songs, all again receiving informative and positive feedback from Andrew Carter.

Bradfield kicked the second section off with their lively performance of the Grease classic Summer Nights. The lead vocalists were Oliver Baines and Kyla Stell, with backing singing from Lara Chapple, Hattie Lindsey-Coombs, Bella Salmons and Josh Thomas. The band was comprised of Arjun Ashok (violin), Louis Benneyworth (piano), George Bolland (drums), Michael Burger (electric guitar), Jake McMillan (electric guitar) and Robbie McSwiggan (clarinet). After the excitement of this had died down, Whitby contrasted beautifully with Leonard Cohen’s masterful Hallelujah. The lead singers were Alex Cunningham, Anna Flatt, Sienna Hill-Lamey, Isabella Lawford and Martha Lawford. A trio of instruments provided a lyrical accompaniment with Joshua Butts (trumpet), Hannah Johnston (violin) and Kezia Ogle (flute), and the group was underpinned by Johnnie Drysdale (bass guitar). Third came Skyfall performed by Gibbs with a septet of singers comprising Isabel Ambler, Olivia Boyd, Charlie Brooke-Webb, Tresha Kumar, Liam Walker and Joe Young, with Julia Louw (violin) providing an instrumental part. The senior section was brought to a close with the delicate A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Sophie Cannons, Luke Thomas-Everard and Anastasia Woodard sang the vocal parts with Henry Fuller (guitar), Alice Herbert (bassoon) and Beckie Stacey (flute).

This hard-fought Senior class was won by Whitby.

The House Songs this year featured music from singers that sadly passed away in 2016. Celebrating them with our ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’, the characterisations, dance routines and sheer fun from the four houses were impressive. Bradfield opened with the classic Bowie/Jagger number Dancing in the Street and really got the party atmosphere going. Gibbs followed brilliantly with the classic George Michael number Wake Me Up Before You Go Go. This was then followed by Oldham giving us a wonderfully choral rendition of the legendary Status Quo song Rockin’ all Over the World. The house songs were brought to a close by Whitby with their cool rendition of the Earth, Wind and Fire number Boogie Wonderland.

The House Song was won by Oldham and the overall winner of the 2017 House Music Competition was Whitby!

Many congratulations and thanks to all the performers and staff involved. What a wonderful way to end the Lent Term!

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