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23 November 2017

Grandparents’ Afternoon at King’s Hall

This week our Pre-Prep children were excited to welcome their Grandparents and grand-friends to King’s Hall School as we hosted our biennial Grandparents’ Afternoon.

Grandparents’ Afternoon is a very special occasion where all our children take huge pride in sharing some of their learning with their Grandparents as well as leading them on a tour of the Pre-Prep. This included exploring in the Little Woods and toasting marshmallows, snuggling up for stories in our Log Cabin library and sharing lots of fun games together in the classrooms. The afternoon ended with a specially prepared tea and some delicious biscuits for everyone to enjoy, followed by an assembly where all the Pre-Prep children treated their special guests to some heartfelt readings and performed a beautiful, appropriately themed song! It truly was a wonderful afternoon for our Pre-Prep children and their Grandparents to help us celebrate the fabulous relationship that exists between grandparent and grandchild.

View some wonderful photographs below

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