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30 March 2016

Easter around the world

Our Early Years children in Nursery and Reception travelled around the world exploring how children just like them celebrate Easter where they live. In Reception, we flew to Bermuda and discovered a Kite Festival where kites are flown to represent Jesus ascending to heaven. We had great fun dancing to music with the scarves and ribbons and working out ways to make our own kites soar to the skies!

In Nursery 2 we travelled to Sweden by boat or aeroplane where we discovered that like us in the UK, Swedish families celebrate with traditional Easter crafts such as the decorating of egg and the eating chocolate treats. However, the children of Sweden dress up as old witches and go to neighbours and friends houses to deliver Easter letters with the hope of a chocolate treat in return. We all made witches hats and decorated an Easter picture with some children even choosing to write ‘Glad Påsk’ the Swedish for Happy Easter!

In Nursery 1 the children learned about how people in Finland celebrate Easter by dressing up like witches with scarves around their heads (they all thought Miss Stowell looked very funny) and how they carry twigs to warn off the bad witches who fly around on their broomsticks at Easter time. The children had lots of fun decorating their own twigs, then knocking on the classroom doors saying “twig or treat!” They all traded in their twigs for yummy chocolate eggs in return.

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