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24 November 2016

Book club receives reply from author!

Book Club members were thrilled to receive a letter from Kim Slater, author of the superb book, 'A Seven-Letter Word', which they had discussed at their September meeting. Pupils had penned their own letters to Kim with their personal views on the story, the characters and some of the issues raised by this book. Kim had even taken the time to reply to each individual pupil, which was such a lovely surprise!

Dear King’s Hall Book Club Readers,
Thank you SO much for the wonderful postcards you sent me, giving me such positive and interesting comments about reading ‘A Seven-Letter Word’. I’m absolutely delighted that you all enjoyed the book!
I was so impressed with the effort you have all put in to writing your cards that I wanted to say a little something to all of you. You’ll find each of you has a personal message from me.
The other thing that struck me was that you ALL would like me to use your name for a character in my next book, which made me smile! You have all got such lovely names but you see, when I first start thinking about a character’s voice in my head, they usually have a name already!
It’s really important that the character’s name sounds ‘right’, if you know what I mean, so I can’t make any promises. But do keep a look out in my coming books . . . you never know, your name might appear! So massive thanks once again for letting me know your thoughts about the book. It’s really important to me to know what my readers think. Don’t forget to check my personal message to you below. Have a wonderful term, work hard and above all . . . KEEP READING!!
Best wishes,
Kim Slater x


Anastasia – I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book! You’re right, Finlay has had a tough time of it but I was interested in showing how he was able to overcome his limitations in life and his fear of words. This became one of my major inspirations for the story.

Florence – I’m truly honoured that you say ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ is one of the best books you have ever read - thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed the twists and turns, I don’t always know what these will be when I start writing the book but as I get further through it, twists and unexpected turns often occur to me and they can be a real surprise, just like I hope they are to my readers.

Millie – You are so kind, saying such nice things about my writing . . . thank you! I’m so pleased that you enjoyed ‘A Seven-Letter Word’ so much you’d consider giving it your vote for your best book of the year! And yes, I will definitely be writing more books!

Kitty – It makes me very happy to hear that you had trouble putting the book down! I think this is what every author wants; for the reader to become so engrossed in the story, they don’t want to stop reading! Thank you for being honest about the beginning, sometimes it’s difficult to make sure all parts of the book appeals to every single reader, but I’m so glad you feel the story redeemed itself with the later, tense storylines!

Joe – How lovely that you are already looking forward to my next book! It is called '928 Miles From Home'. It’s about a boy called Sergei who comes over to the UK from Poland. He gets bullied a lot at his new school where he meets Calum, who is the main character.

Jake – I’m so pleased you enjoyed the book and I’m glad it made you a bit worried…in a good way!! Stories are always more interesting I think, when you care about what happens to the characters, don’t you?

Hannah – Thank you so much for your comments, I’m delighted you enjoyed reading the book. I was excited to hear your dad lives in Korea because my first book, ‘Smart’ has just been translated into Korean! I hope you enjoy learning Scrabble!

Henry – I’m delighted you enjoyed reading the book and found the storyline tense! I do try and build up the tension as the mystery develops, so it keeps the reader turning the pages. I’m so glad you kept turning the pages until the end, Henry!

Ali – I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! One of my favourite things to hear from a reader is that they couldn’t put the book down, so thank you for saying that! I’m so pleased you like my style of writing too. In answer to your question, the name of my next book is ’928 Miles from Home’.

Emilia – Thank you very much for your kind comments about ’A Seven-Letter Word’, it makes me very happy as a writer, to hear you say every page made you want to read more! I do hope you enjoy reading my next book as much.

James – I’m so pleased to hear how much you enjoyed reading the book and I’m impressed you play Scrabble! I agree with you that Finlay is a very brave lad to face his stutter and stand up to rotten Oliver, the school bully. You’ll be pleased to know I’ve just finished writing my third book and it will be published in May next year. Like you, I would love it if a movie was made of the book!

Alfie – Thanks so much for your comments about the book, I’m really pleased you enjoyed it. I’ve just finished writing my third book which is out next year and it includes themes such as feeling different, bullying and what ‘home’ means to different people . . . I do hope you’ll read it!

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