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28 November 2017

Bbrrr...Year 5 Learn About the Life of the The British Antarctic Survey Team

In Geography last week, Year 5 had a special insight into the life of the work of a member of The British Antarctic Survey team, which provides the logistical support for the scientists working all over the southern continent.

One of our Year 5 parents, Mr Harding, visited our pupils with some slides of shipping, Antarctic bases, stunning scenery and the amazing wildlife that live in this region. The children also looked at the clothing that people have to wear to be able to survive at -60oC, and tasted the brown crackers that are eaten with butter and marmite as part of the 3500 calories needed to keep a person fuelled up and able to carry out their daily tasks.

The first-hand experience of someone who has actually been to Antarctica is something the children will remember for a long time to come. Thanks to Mr Harding for his time and ‘oodles’ of enthusiasm!

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