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7 September 2017

All aboard the Flying Scotsman!

Our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils have just been lucky enough to enjoy a fabulous journey on the world famous Flying Scotsman.

In 1928, this British icon was the first steam locomotive to travel non-stop from London to Edinburgh, and in 1934 it entered the record books as the first steam locomotive to reach a top speed of 100 miles per hour – our pupils however enjoyed a more leisurely ride!

Travelling on the Bishops Lydeard to Minehead route, the children were amazed to see such large crowds along the way, gathering in villages, on station platforms and some people were even waiting and waving in the surrounding fields! This certainly brought home the significance of the Flying Scotsman to the children.

Pupils and staff were also delighted to listen to a Scottish bagpipe band which moved through each carriage playing for the passengers.

Arriving at Minehead station, we could look closely at the locomotive and admire its beauty. This really was a grand day out, and the children chattered happily about the train for the remainder of the day.

Next week the children will get to experience a vehicle of the modern age, as they delve into the mechanics of a possible 1,000mph vehicle! The Bloodhound Project will be visiting as part of an international education initiative, before the team set out to break the World Land Speed Record in October. During their two-day visit, Bloodhound will be treating the children to presentations, workshops, talks and tours of a life-sized model of their record-breaking car.

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