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26 December 2016

A wonderful Carol Service

The atmosphere in this year’s Carol Concert was amazing, especially watching all of the choirs sing and the readers using such good expression with their lessons. As part of the acolytes I very much enjoyed being a part of the service and was happy that my candle did not blow out. I thought the carol service was a great experience for us all and the enjoyment of the day was there for all to see".

By Millie Masters

For the Christmas Carol Service I was an acolyte and I had to walk down the aisle with the other acolytes and the choir. It was a bit nerve racking to be a part of the service as everyone was watching me including my family. It was fun though being with my friends and serving in the church. I had to carry the Verge, making me a Verger, and it was exciting. It was an experience I will never forget".

By Olivia Boyd

This year’s carol service was my third in the choir and it was the one I enjoyed the most. I was given the honour of singing a solo at the beginning, which was exciting but nerve tingling at the same time! I really enjoyed performing the different carols with the choir as we do different ones each year, Mr Dayus-Jones picks really good carols for us to sing. This year`s carol concert was the best one I have experienced since joining the school in year three!"

By Joe Young

This year I was lucky enough to read a lesson and sing in the Senior Choir. When I was lining up to go into the chapel I felt a little nervous, but everything turned out to be really enjoyable and I felt a great sense of achievement. Having all of those people looking at me whilst I was reading and the choir during the carols made me feel happy that I was doing something important at such a special event".

By Felicity Gostling

Sunday's Carol Service was a spectacular event. Throughout all the carols I could hear the booming organ playing in sequence with the chirping voices of the congregation. As I walked up to the deliver my reading I could see the faces staring at me, I was very nervous. Although my heart was beating immensely fast, I managed to control myself to read as well as I could. The atmosphere was amazing and I hope it will be like that again next year".

By Max Earp

The Carol Service was amazing! I loved the opportunity to be able to singing in the choir, I was a little nervous at first but as soon we started to sing I had a great time. I really liked being with my friends and especially together in chapel on a Sunday".

By Poppy Chedzoy

Sunday's Carol Service was a brilliant experience. I enjoyed being able to sing in the choir as I was with all my friends and I could sing my heart out. I was very nervous but I got over it pretty quickly. It was a great event with lots of lovely carols and everyone singing so well".

By Raffaella Cook

The Carol Service on Sunday went really well and was a lovely event. I greatly enjoyed being in the choir with all of the other singers and played the trumpet in certain carols with Matthew Osbourne and our trumpet teacher, Mr Paul. At first I was really nervous but as the service started I was able to relax and enjoy experiencing a great occasion".

By Anastasia Woodard

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