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24 October 2017

A taste of boarding school life

It has been wonderful to see so many children involved in boarding activities this term, and we are delighted with the number of day pupils who are showing an interest in boarding life.

Friday evening’s ‘Movie Night’ proved highly popular, with 32 day pupils joining our boarders for the festivities. This was the first time many of our day pupils have boarded, and hopefully it won’t be the last! Special events like these allow our pupils to experience another side of school life, and certainly provide opportunities to develop new skills.

This week we are hosting a mouth-watering Food Challenge for Years 3-6, and future events include an American-style food and basketball night for Year 7 and 8 boys, and the much-anticipated Christmas movie night.

We are looking forward to welcoming more pupils to our year group boarding nights, and hope that these special activities will not only help develop your child’s confidence, but to will also provide a sense of independent growing for all pupils.

Interested in boarding at King’s Hall School? Please contact Tess Spurr in Admissions: / 01823 285928 for more information.

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