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13 July 2017

A sunny Sports Day

On a sunny Saturday, all pupils in Years 5-8 gathered to compete in the school sports day, which for the first time was held on a Saturday afternoon. Every pupil had the opportunity to compete in a field event, a track event and a relay for their house. There were plenty of extremely competitive events. A new introduction was the shuttle relay which combined all pupils from different year groups to compete in a short format relay. This allowed all the parents and pupils to crowd around the track, which created a phenomenal amount of noise and energy and typified everything that house sport is about. The weather was fantastic, the kids were competitive and supportive, and thanks go to the staff for all the hard work they put in during the afternoon. The results were extremely closely guarded for the remainder of the term and the pupils found out at end of school assembly to great cheers! Oldham came 1st with Whitby in 2nd, Bradfield in 3rd and Gibbs in 4th.

Well done to all of the children for their efforts on the day.


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