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1 April 2016

A Roald Dahl extravaganza from the Year 6 play

Three plays were performed: 'Fantastic Mr Fox', 'The Witches' and 'The Twits'.

Firstly, the audience enjoyed the entertaining ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ which was wonderfully told by the cast and ably led by Harry Cartwright as Mr Fox. Harry must be congratulated on learning so many lines and speaking them in role. Saphie Goad, Ronnie Potter and Edward Fidler played the dreaded farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean and all had worked hard on their dialect. Their mechanical diggers certainly raised a smile. It was super to see the farmers' chicken, duck and cider farms all created by props. Catchy digging tunes and scene-changing music entertained the audience throughout. The family of foxes worked well as a group and individual characters Badger, Rat, Mrs Bean and Mabel all made the play successful. Most of Year 6 were on stage for the final scene and there was certainly lots of cheering for Fantastic Mr Fox when they had outwitted the Farmers.

‘The Witches’ was delightful to watch especially when the girls entered wearing fabulous wigs and gloves then proceeded to remove them to reveal their bald heads! Sophie Austin led the cast as the Grand High Witch and managed to retain the difficult Russian accent throughout. She certainly looked scary with her mask! Poor Fane Hamilton as Bruno and Harry Gresswell as the Boy were miraculously changed into mice with some lighting and sound effects. A little scary in parts for the younger audience but once again very entertaining.

‘The Twits’ had everyone laughing in their seats at their antics on stage and the poor Mugglewumps looked wonderfully sad trapped in their cage! Robbie McSwiggan and Arielle Sheridan played the funny Mr and Mrs Twit and looked great in their costumes. There was audience participation throughout led by the Roly Poly Bird, Molly Landau and the Mugglewumps, Johnnie Lawson Johnson and Jemima Rundell, with the very entertaining Narrators holding up cards for all to read. It was fun to see the audience with their shoes on their hands keen to confuse Mr and Mrs Twit into believing they were upside down! Lots of Year 6 played Actors who introduced the plays and enacted car crashes, took food from Mr Twit’s beard and had a great time working together on stage.

The evening ended with a vibrant and energetic dance routine to ‘Revolting Children’. The whole of Year 6 danced away, working in time with each other, leaping off the stage, clapping in the audience and generally having a fantastic time. The smiles on their faces were great to see. Thank you to Miss Perkins for another outstanding backdrop and parents and further staff involved. Well done Year 6 and Mrs Keirle who once again showed that Drama is alive and thriving at King’s Hall School.

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