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A Cinderella story in Art ...

For Cinderella, trying on footwear turned out to have a fairytale ending. However, lacking a fairy godmother but with several keen pupils to fashion not a glass slipper but a range of Surreal shoes, 7S have been busy enjoying the experience of casting one another’s feet to form the base of their individual shoe designs. Following on from their independent research and looking at the unusual work of artists such as Magritte and Dali, to name but a couple, they have started to form a range of ideas that they are currently using to inspire their drawings.

With some great imagination and enthusiasm, a pinch of gum strip and tissue paper and a lot of technical skill and perseverance, I can’t wait to see the finished outcomes later in the term.

The question is, will the shoes come to life or when the clock strikes twelve, turn back into your everyday brogues and trainers?

In other areas of Art, the Specialist Art group have been busy working on paired or individual, large-scale portraits. Using observation, scale-enlargement techniques and a range of media and patterns, they have created some amazing outcomes to add to their growing portfolios and some of the photos show the work in progress. As the Scholarship interviews draw ever closer, we give them all of our support and wish them all the best of luck.

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