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18 June 2017

​Year 8 Trip to Okehampton

Year 8 pupils recently went away for their post exams residential in Okehampton. The Friday afternoon was spent on a pleasant walk to the highest point on Dartmoor, with the children experiencing a huge temperature change from the position of the youth hostel to the top of the moorland. In the evening they took part in either a gorge scramble or climbing. On Saturday and Sunday the group was split, with one half experiencing the lake with its kayaking and raft building, while the rest journeyed to Bude, to enjoy the delights of some wave riding, playing on the beach and town time in the ‘metropolis’ that is Bude itself. Sunday evening was spent with some more gorge scrambling or climbing, before packing ready of an early Monday morning start.

Monday was spent in Plymouth Dock Yard courtesy of the Royal Navy. Here the children were taken around a Hunter Class Submarine, HMS Bulwark with its internal boat dock, and the vehicles, landing craft and weapons of the of the Royal Marines Base.

Huge thanks go to the teaching staff that accompanied the children on this trip, putting in very long hours, and enthusing the children by joining them in the activities. Thanks also go to the Royal Navy for arranging a very educational visit, and allowing the group into the dock yard at this time of heightened UK security.

Please click here for more pictures from the trip

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