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11 April 2017

​Year 7 visit Jaguar Land Rover factory

During the Lent term, Year 7 went on a field trip to the Jaguar Land Rover factory in Solihull. The children were taken on a tour of the 300 acre site and witnessed first hand some of the processes involved in making cars, which helped them see theory in practice when studying ‘Transport and Industry’ as part of the Geography Common Entrance syllabus. Here are two accounts of the trip from a few of the Year 7 pupils:

"On the bus we had many laughs and told lots of funny stories. When we were on the bus having our tour, we were observant but we had fun as well listening to our guide. Inside the factory we got lots of smiles from the workers and I think this was because they don’t get many children visiting and we were very excited about the robots and seeing how the factory worked. I thought the factory was very interesting and I was very surprised how big it was and how quickly cars were produced (one every 90 seconds). It was amazing how much work goes into making a car and how the cars are only held together by rivets and 81 metres of glue!

The classroom workshop was good for our teamwork skills, communication and how to have a successful production line. It improved our life skills and gave us an insight into the jobs they have to offer people. I think the lady who took us for the workshop was impressed with us because we worked well and quickly as a team. Our team came last in the first challenge, then first in the next, so we did well at problem-solving.

The standout bits of the trip for me were when we saw how effectively the robots worked and how much it costs to build a factory. Just one bit cost £115 million to build! I also liked seeing the finished product – a car! It was cool seeing the Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Discovery 5 because they are new. I also liked seeing what new cars they might bring into production and how they will increase their car range from 5 to 50 cars in only 5 years!"

Max Earp

"The trip was to Jaguar Land Rover all the way in Birmingham and we had to be at school by 7am!

I thought the whole trip was very inspiring and I learnt a lot from it. We got to see how the Land Rover was built and that robots did a lot of the work. We didn’t see Jaguars being built but we did see the new F-Pace being driven out of the factory onto a track which was specially built for testing the cars.

There was a huge press that cut out parts for the cars from aluminium. Sadly we did not actually see the press but we heard it! There was also a big wall to absorb the sound from the press and it was very, very loud. We saw how fast they had to make the cars as well and the people told us that the men and women there had to make a car every 90 seconds!

There was a classroom activity and we had to make trolleys out of little plastic tubes and connectors, this showed us how fast the people at the factory had to make the cars. My group lost the first round but then won in the second and did well in the last. Then we got on the bus to go home.

We had an amazing day and thank to Mrs Hardy, Mr Webster and Madame Murray for taking us."

Harry Gresswell

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