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6 May 2017

​Year 7 and Year 8 Book Breakfast

Our inaugural Book Breakfast took place on Tuesday morning. An eager group of Year 7 and Year 8 pupils (along with Madame Harvey too, who can’t resist a good book - or a Danish pastry!) met to discuss 'The Bone Sparrow' with Mrs Marcuccilli.

'The Bone Sparrow', by Australian author Zana Fraillon, tells the powerful story of Subhi, a boy who has lived his whole life in an immigration detention centre. Subhi knows nothing of life outside his camp but despite this, his rich imagination, his sense of hope and his friendship with local girl, Jimmie, bring light and joy into a very dark situation. We agreed that it is not a comfortable read but that it highlights issues that are particularly relevant to many areas of our world of today and that its central message is one of hope.

Here is what some of our book clubbers had to say:

“'The Bone Sparrow' was really realistic and I loved the way that the author combined revealing the truth with fiction. Many moments were very sad but the ending was really happy.” Joe

“Once you got into it you couldn’t stop and I mean it. It really helped me open my eyes to what happens in refugee camps.” Hannah

“It was really powerful and showed hope and freedom. I also liked how it was emotional and it makes you think differently.” Amelie

“It really taught me what life in those places was like – it was also sad, but in some places happy.” Henry

“It taught me to think about those who aren’t as fortunate.” George

“I had a strong feeling for the people in the detention centre and how it feels not to know what is outside the fences.” Nigel

“It has such relevance and we should all be spurred on to do more for others.” Madame Harvey

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