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5 April 2016

​Year 3 tackle the highest point on Exmoor!

As part of their Geography work, the Year 3 children visited Exmoor this term. Staff and children headed off into the sunshine to find Dunkery Beacon, Exmoor’s highest point. The children had to spot flora and fauna and learn about the history of the Beacon, which was donated to the National Trust by a group of people who thought it should be preserved for future generations to enjoy. We all had a good rest when we got to the top!

It was a fantastic morning out, blowy but sunny, and the children now have a clearer idea of how a map relates to the ground, how the contour lines show the shape of the land and how National Park status helps protect some of our very special places.

When asked if they enjoyed the trip, the children said: -

“Fieldwork is fun because you get to see the natural beauty of the countryside and find out information about it.” (Monique)

“I really enjoyed our field trip because we were out in the countryside writing down information.” (Cameron)

“We went in the mini bus to Dunkery Beacon (the highest point on Exmoor) it was one of the funniest school trips ever! When we got to the top of the footpath we had clipboards in partners and wrote down some facts about Exmoor.” (Rose)

“I enjoyed walking up Dunkery Beacon and seeing the view. We saw some Exmoor ponies.” (JJ)

“I liked it because there were lots of stones and pretty flowers.” (Arabella)

“It made me feel free and the views were beautiful.” (Ella F)

“I loved it because I liked looking at the wildlife and reading the writing at the top.” (Wilf)

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