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29 April 2016

​Year 3 Geography trip to North Curry

In a trip of two halves on Tuesday the Year 3s headed off into the sunshine and returned in hail! We were visiting North Curry and a walk from one end of the village to the other saw the children taking note of the different facilities, from the voluntarily run Coffee Shop to the Medical Centre. Discussion ensued as to why the new Medical Centre had to be built slightly outside the middle of the village and whether North Curry has more old houses or new.

There was evidence of history as well with the ‘pepper pot’ memorial to Queen Victoria and the War Memorial. As the weather took a turn for the worse we retreated into the church, noting the octagonal tower and the ornate font. Interestingly one member of staff attended North Curry Primary School and two were married in the church – do you know who they are?

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