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16 March 2016

​Year 2 visit the Somerset Levels

Year 2 spent a day exploring areas of historical and geographical importance on the Somerset Levels and visiting the Willows and Wetlands Centre at Stoke St Gregory.

The children were challenged to a scramble up Burrow Mump to photograph the views and geographical features of the surrounding area. Next, they visited King Alfred’s monument at Athelney and tried to imagine how Alfred hid there from the invading Danes.

The day ended with a visit to the Willows and Wetlands Centre to discover facts about the Levels and explore a fine collection of historical items made from willow in the past. The children enjoyed searching for things as varied as an aeroplane seat from the First World War, beehives, a potty chair and bird cages. Mr Coate gave us a short talk about the Levels and finally everybody followed a trail through the withy beds by the river Tone to look at the wetlands habitats. The day was extremely successful and very busy … and all out in the fresh air!

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