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19 June 2017

​Year 2 meet the legend that is King Arthur!

Did you ever think you would actually meet King Arthur? Well, Year 2 met him at Glastonbury Abbey and he told them some stories about his life and how he came to be in the town of Glastonbury. He also told the children that kings in his time didn’t actually wear sparkly gold crowns or fancy clothes, they wore very simple clothes and green was a very expensive colour to wear! They then met Brother Edmund the monk who showed them around the abbey and told the group what they used to eat for breakfast, and where they used to sleep.

After lunch, everybody walked up Glastonbury Tor and counted 293 steps to the top! It was a very long and hard walk, but they did it and had a well-earned drink and snack at the top!!

Please click here for pictures from their day

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