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8 May 2017

​Year 2 had a Growling Great time at Longleat!

As Year 2 are learning about Kenya, we decided to go on a safari to see lots of African animals!

Oh my goodness, what a surprise we had when we jumped off the bus and went straight to feed the giraffes, it was amazing! We were given branches of willow and we held them out for the giraffes who stuck their long tongues out and waffled the willow down! We saw rhinos running, flamingos flapping, cheetahs prowling and lions lazing in the sun and then we were bombarded by fruit bats in the Bat Cave! We were also lucky enough to see both the hippos, one was asleep in the field and we saw the other one waddling into the water from the bank, it’s not often you see the whole hippo as usually they are wallowing under the water! The sea lions were dancing around our boat wanting fish to eat, and Nico the gorilla was resting in the sun on his island! What a wonderful day, we saw so many animals and it was finished off by a photo of everyone sitting next to a new giant lion statue in front of Longleat House and an ice cream on the lawn.

Mrs Simpson

Please click here for photos from our day

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