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16 November 2016

​Year 1 visit Toys ‘R’ Us

What were toys like in the past? How do toys work? How are they made? What makes a toy cuddly? How does charging a toy produce power? What better way to answer some of the questions the children generated at the beginning of our new topic than with a visit to our local Toys ‘R’ Us shop!

The excitement was palpable as we were greeted at the entrance of the shop and shown the current most popular toys on sale. The children, in the guise of toy designers, were keen to ask questions about how they were made and how they work; some children could even offer their own explanations based on their own playing history. We spotted that traditional toys were usually made from wood and moved by pushing and pulling with your hand whilst many modern toys were made from plastic and often moved because they had a battery and a button to press. As shoppers of toys, we looked at the way the toys were packaged, discussed how colour can influence our choice when buying and how cuddly toys were usually packaged so that we can touch them to test how soft and fluffy they are. The visit to the delivery area, normally only seen by the employees, was of great interest. The children marvelled at the number of brown boxes piled high and were fascinated to see the boxes travelling along a conveyor belt from the back of the delivery lorry into the store room. The children left with a smile and a small toy which they had purchased using their own money. Inspired by our visit, we constructed our own toy shops in our classrooms and, in anticipation for designing and making toy vehicles that will move, we set up a toy workshop.

Mrs Heidi Lawford - Year 1 class teacher

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