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16 November 2017

​King’s Hall School celebrate fireworks!

It was a case of ‘whizz’, ‘pop’, bang across the whole school last week as fireworks seemed to take over proceedings.

In the build up to our fireworks party, all our children joined together to celebrate the wonder of these exciting and beautiful aerial delights. Some of our older children delved into the history behind Guy Fawkes in their history class. They even managed to create a group human firework during outdoor learning!

Our younger children took part in lots of fun-filled firework activities; they had a great time icing firework themed star biscuits, and decorating them with multi-coloured sprinkles –which looked extremely yummy! They also had fun painting sparkling firework pictures and even ‘splatting’ paint and glitter on the playground to make a fireworks display.

In Nursery 1, the children made their own firework rockets to add to their fireworks display and were very excited to go across to our sports hall to use their foam rockets! It really was a whizz, pop, bang kind of morning!

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