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22 March 2017

​Grand Opening Ceremony for King’s Schools' Doha sister school

King’s College, Doha, a partnership school of King’s Schools, Taunton, held its Official Opening Ceremony on Sunday 12th March in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Mansoor bin Jassim bin Thani Al Thani, The British Ambassador, His Excellency Ajay Sharma, representatives from the Qatar Ministry of Education and Chairman of the school. Also in attendance were Mr. Justin Chippendale, Head of King’s Hall School in Taunton, as well as Mrs Linda Nash, the Chairman-elect of King’s Schools Taunton, and representatives from several prominent institutions and businesses in the region.

King’s College, Doha opened its doors last September and currently provides a traditional British Education to over two hundred children aged 3 to 9 years old in the Al Thumama district of Doha. Eventually the school will cater for students up to 18 years old. The school is designed by award-winning school architects and offers some of the finest early years and primary school facilities in Qatar. The Ministry of Education (MoE) are proud to have placed King’s College into their “Outstanding Schools Programme.”

Mr Nicholas Gunn, Headmaster of the school, said “Having only recently begun our educational journey in Doha, we are delighted with the progress made thus far and we are grateful for the support and interest we have received from both the local, British and international communities.”

The British Ambassador to Qatar, His Excellency Ajay Sharma said "A British education is seen as among one of the best in the world and I am delighted to be able to support King’s College’s development here in Doha. Their track record in education speaks for itself. I would like to congratulate the Ministry of Education, Sheikh Mansoor Jassim Al Thani and King’s College on their partnership and look forward to watching them develop as a leader of education in the region."

The Doha school’s daily programme of activities, based on the King’s enhanced British curriculum, is delivered by highly qualified UK trained teachers, and highly skilled teachers of Arabic and Islamic studies.

Mr Justin Chippendale, Headmaster of King’s Hall School, said: “Today’s opening is a proud one for King’s in developing our family of schools. It has been an exciting and hugely rewarding experience to develop such a strong and effective partnership here in Doha. For 137 years, King’s College has been nurturing young people on its beautiful campus in the South-West of England and we look forward to King’s College, Doha building on this reputation and developing a compelling history in its own right.”

King’s Hall School and King’s College, Taunton continue to work with their sister school in Doha alongside King’s College India where another overseas partnership is developing. We look forward to a point in the future where cultural exchanges are anticipated to be possible.

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