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21 October 2016

​Celtic Hill Forts – King’s Hall style!

Year 3 have recently been busy out in the woods making, and then writing about, Celtic Hill forts. In their own words:

"We built a hill fort to see how difficult it would be. We only built a mini-one because we did not have time to build a big one."

"To make our round house, we put sticks in a circle, then used long grass to weave between the sticks. We mixed mud and water to make daub to go on the walls. The Celts would have used animal poo."

"We collected lots of sticks to make the palisade. We had to push the sticks into the ground close together and make an entrance and an exit."

"We used knives to make our ditches but the Celts used antlers. We dug out soil and then put it on top, because then it was hard for people to get up. We left a space for the path."

"I never thought we would make it in time. It was actually quite hard to make. It was very hard for the Celts, they were very hard-working, strong and talented. We got down on the ground to imagine we were attacking our hill fort. It looked very difficult to do!"

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