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I am feeling slightly guilty that we are already 9 days into 2017 and I have yet to make a New Year’s resolution. I have just looked back at what I resolved to do at the start of 2016 and realise I failed miserably (I am no closer to being able to play ‘She’ll be Coming round the Mountain’ on my guitar than I was then, evident in another layer of dust covering the guitar case). However, having spoken to the children in assembly this morning about 2017 being filled with new promise as to what might happen this year, I have been inspired by one child’s comment. When asked what sort of a promise one should make at the start of a new year he said ‘something that will make Jesus happy’. This made me think to not take something out of my life, but rather to put something in. I am quite confident I can think of many ways I could enhance my life this coming year through committing more time to my family and less to the ‘screen’ to completing a random act of kindness each week. In this way I am hoping I will make many people happy, myself included!

I hope your 2017 journey brings you happiness and good health and success in your resolutions whatever they may be!

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