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As we continue to think about what we need for happy school adventures we welcomed two new members to our Pre-Prep family in assembly this week.

Work Hard Foxy knows that he's good at reading and art but isn't good at maths. He tries hard in those subjects but thinks he's not very clever in maths lessons. He doesn't try and when he gets stuck he says, "It's really hard."

Work-It-Out Wiz believes that if you put in effort, you can get better at everything. He tries hard in all

subjects, even in subjects that he struggles with. He knows the magical power of the word ‘yet’.

Each class was then given their very own version of these important characters to look after in their classrooms. I hope they will be a great visual and tactile reminder for times when they are finding something difficult in class and will begin to help them develop their understanding of the difference between finding something hard and giving up and having a growth mind-set that reminds them anything can be achieved with perseverance.

I can’t wait to see what happens!

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