Music at King's Hall is based around enjoying music in a variety of different genres, involving as many pupils as possible in performing, and giving them a solid grounding in musical theory. We believe that music plays an integral part in all of our lives, and try to educate and enthuse in equal measure.

The thriving Music department provides an eclectic mix of musical ensembles which pupils are encouraged to join, whether it is to further their musical development or simply just for fun.

Pupils are brought into contact with all styles and genres of music to give them a broad and informed understanding of how music has been developed through the centuries up to the present day.

The Music classroom contains a wide array of instruments, an interactive whiteboard and a number of computers with dedicated music software including Sibelius. As music is now so fully integrated into our technological lives, so our teaching has widened to include a stronger multimedia approach to teaching and music-making.

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