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I’m sorry if you find the children singing the same song increasingly

regularly as the rest of term progresses. On Monday we had the big draw

to select the songs for this year’s House Music Competition to be held on

the last day of term. The theme is ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ with George

Michael, David Bowie, Rick Parfitt and Maurice White all passing away in

2016. The first tentative steps of any choreography are beginning to appear

in their infancy in the Staff Room as well as humming to be heard around

almost every corner.

The Taunton Drama Festival has been a triumph this week and the good

news came in from the very start. Lily MacNeice was chosen as the

Taunton Young Theatre Performer of the Year so we offer her huge

congratulations. To put that alongside Matthew Osborne’s award of

Taunton Young Musician of the Year from the Music Festival in February is

a pretty neat double for King’s Hall!

This has been the last week of receiving Scholarship results for Year 8. A

remarkable collection of nearly 40 awards is listed later in the Newsletter

across six disciplines. A tremendous array of talent and much sustained

application amongst the children (and staff) has led to this richly deserved

set of results.

Finally, a couple of fun highlights from the week to share with you: on

Monday two girls were walking by the Rose Garden with one covering the

eyes of the other. The first looks at me knowingly and says to her ‘blind’

friend, “See if you can guess who this is?”, then to me, “Now, say

something in a funny voice, Mr Chippendale” – it reminded me of the

Dad’s Army’s “Don’t tell him, Pike!” moment. Then on Thursday we all

revelled in Father Mark’s seemingly incongruous but weirdly wonderful

impression of Rag ‘n’ Bone Man with his excellent rendition of ‘Human’ as

part of his sermon: it earned him a well-deserved and spontaneous round

of applause!

Enjoy the mini-break before the final fortnight.

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