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Modern Foreign Languages

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  • “Although the emphasis is firmly on listening and speaking, children also develop their reading and writing skills and are accomplished learners by Year 8.”
Why Study MFL?

Why Study MFL?

French is studied from Year 1 in the Pre-Prep and continues throughout the Prep School from Years 3-8. In the first few years it is taught in a variety of ways, using song, finger rhymes and lots of fun.

As children move into the Prep department, most lessons are taught in the dedicated suite of classrooms which are equipped with interactive whiteboards, which complement an excellent range of resources. Each classroom also has access to 'learnpads' which are used to enhance learning. Although the emphasis is firmly on listening and speaking, children also develop their reading and writing skills to a high level, and are accomplished learners by Year 8.

Events & Opportunities

Events & Opportunities

In Year 5, children have the chance to have a Spanish taster and there is a Chinese hobby before school, due to the time difference, where a teacher in Beijing leads the session. For those newcomers in Years 7-8 who may not be as experienced in French-speaking, extra support lessons are provided, enabling them to catch up with their peers. Currently this takes the form of extra lessons during assembly times.

A highly successful French trip to Switzerland has been running for twelve years for Year 7 pupils. This is a real highlight for our pupils and brings many benefits; linguistic, cultural and social. The children receive three hours of French tuition in the mornings and in the afternoon there are planned visits to local attractions.

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We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand-new pre-school programme, Pelican Explorers.

Throughout the year, we will be running a series of classes designed to help children aged 3-4 develop their communication, teamwork and problem-solving skills in a fun and creative environment.

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