Merry Woofmas Everyone! | King's Hall School Taunton

Hi folks,

I know it’s the Christmas holidays and that I should be taking a well earned break from my duties at King’s Hall, but I’ve been asked to send out a Christmas message to all of my lovely readers. I have to admit that I’m actually rather delighted about this as The Queen makes the only other Christmas Day address that I know of. I certainly haven’t heard of any of her corgis sending out any messages ...

It’s the time of year when one wants to connect with one’s nearest and dearest; and that’s exactly what I’m doing now, my dear friends. I’m missing you all very much and although I’m having a lovely Christmas in the Lakes, I’ll let you into a secret: my cousin Noah is extremely bossy. He’s much older than me and he growls if I so much as stare at one of his squeaky toys. Don’t go telling anyone, but I’ve had an extremely good sniff at all the presents under our tree and I quickly identified at least two chew toys, a box of milky bones and a pigs ear (and that’s without making any holes in the wrapping paper!).

Over the past two years I’ve noticed that you humans receive a lot of socks as presents, but I guess you can never have enough as every household seems to have a mystery sock eating monster. Anyway, enough about presents ... I’m barely out of puppyhood and I’ve come to realise that gifts of time and love are the basic ingredients for a truly merry Christmas!

So here’s to your good health. I bring you festive cheer and wish you a happy New Year!

Snoops xx

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