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We have got straight back into the swing of things after the half term break and Maths Week has taken hold. You will read later on about some of the variety of activity that has enthused and bamboozled in equal measure over the last few days.

There have also been many Year 8 children taking Scholarships this week, Year 6 pressing on with their play rehearsals and the girls playing in a raft of Netball matches on Wednesday. There were not so many hockey matches, so a large number of boys took advantage of it being a glorious day and headed out and about to enjoy a variety of adventures/activities.

Last night Claire and I were at The Defence Academy in Shrivenham talking to forces families who might consider sending their children to King’s Hall. By definition, they are largely looking for boarding places and talking about our boarding provision for a couple of hours reminded me just how brilliant it is: I know I already knew that but it was almost a physical aide-mémoire! Boarding here is very popular at the moment and there are virtually no spaces in the senior parts of the boarding house. The Juniors are certainly a gregarious, happy bunch and tonight they will be joined by a gaggle of little ones who regularly come in for our designated evenings. Remember, though, you don’t have to wait for a year group boarding evening to come in, you just need to contact Mrs Masters or Mrs Webster.

There was talk of the approaching House Music Competition this morning and I know the children will be keen to find out which song goes to which House in the draw on Monday!

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