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Another fun-fuelled week is well documented in this week's Newsletter as the final chapter to another tremendous term closes.

Yesterday I had a blast as Reception’s Mystery Reader - not only was my office as a venue and me as the reader a mystery to the children but the chosen book was a mystery to all … well, with the exception of Mrs Fidler and Mrs Gray who had selected it! “The Book With No Pictures” was new to me and I soon found out why they had chosen to keep it secret: such a simple and effective concept which I won’t spoil for you if you haven’t read it to a young child - we all had a great laugh!

Talking of laughs, Comic Relief has been enjoyed from different standpoints today – and that’s not including watching the staff in House Music rehearsals! Here’s a one-liner I heard: “If I got 50p for every time I failed a maths test, I’d have £6.30 by now”, and in the interests of an early seasonal joke: “What does the Easter Bunny get for making a basket? Two points like everybody else.”

So the final hours have passed in a marvellously marauding musical mêlée and we enter a surreal quiet where something doesn’t feel quite right? Then the penny drops and the full realisation hits that the children have gone – and for quite some time! It’s the school holidays. Have a great time with your families over Easter.

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