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How often do you find you have a tune on your brain? When your mind drifts into autopilot whilst contemplating some far off thought or trying to let that much vaunted blue-sky flood into your thinking time or you’re miles off task and free-wheeling into the weekend! Well, I have the magnificent melodies of 'Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat' constantly returning to my mind after we went to watch it at the Bristol Hippodrome on Wednesday evening – we have a niece in the Joseph Chorus. I have vivid memories of listening to these unforgettable songs in the car during the late 70s when travelling to Scotland and Europe for our family holidays. That was in the days of cassettes, of course, when a good compilation tape was a treasured possession … no Spotify back then!

We had a very upbeat Open Day last Friday and the main reason for mentioning it is because I want you to know how terrific the children are when given the responsibility for taking a family round the school on a 45-60 minute tour. ‘Interesting’, ‘comfortable’, ‘proud’, ‘sociable’, ‘assured’, ‘engaging’, ‘positive’, ‘motivated’, ‘happy’ and ‘purposeful’ are all words that I could easily write down as traits we would wish the children to develop and in this case I am simply relaying to you some of the adjectives that those visitors who went round with the children said to me after their tours: we must be doing something right, then.

Back to tunes – on Tuesday I welcomed a child for an HMC that they had been given for a piece of writing about a dancing bear. I’m sure because my subconscious brain was looking forward to Joseph the next evening my mind turned to ‘Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear’. I know Mrs Guppy is a bit of a Pop Quiz guru and so the child and I went over to see her to ask if she knew which year the song came out and who sang it? She was one year out and couldn’t quite draw out the name (her excuse being she is too young to remember!) – can you do any better without looking it up?

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