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Our boarders had a wonderful weekend on the Quantocks and then at 'The Bear Trail':

Saturday morning was spent up on the Quantock Hills, in the sun and blustery wind, but boy did the children have fun. Dog walking, watching the ponies, tree swinging and munching crème eggs! A perfect way to start the day.

Please click here for pictures from their morning

Later that weekend, they wrote their letters home and they went something like this;

"Dear Mummy and Daddy, today we went to 'The Bear Trail'...

This was the best park ever, I had so much fun.

I loved getting really muddy and having fun.

The best part was trying to avoid being pushed of the course by my friends.

My favourite part was the zip wire where everybody was having fun.

I liked it when we were pushing our friends off the ropes into the muddy water.

My best bit was catching the fish in the muddy pond.

I liked it when we did a mud battle, but the water was very smelly!

The hardest thing was trying to climb the ropes when I was covered in sticky mud!

Can we do it again?

Lots of love from the boarders. xxxx"

Please click here for pictures from 'The Bear Trail'

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