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Scorchio! A meltingly hot Arts' Week comes to a close with the fun and festival nature that is our Fête de la Musique: a lovely melodic way to drift into the Long Weekend after a series of events that have intrigued, enthused and entertained the children: as I’m sure you will see from the Newsletter.

A series of Welcome Days have been taking place as those who are set to join us next term come and spend even more induction time with us to get some ‘ice-breaking’ done in advance of the holidays. Both incoming and current pupils seem to love this experience and it is terrific to see children leave at the end of a day here completely relaxed in the company of their peers with a tale to tell and an experience to relate ready to embrace the adventures ahead. Meanwhile those here take much pride in showing them the ropes and are excited about exploring new friendships.

As well as Welcome Days for those definitely joining I am showing a lot of families around the school interested in being part of all that goes on here and it is always the children who are the most engaging and enlightening in regard to life at King’s Hall.

‘Falling off’ at the other end we have our Year 8 leavers, whose thoughts are evermore turning to what next year entails, and year groups below them beginning to consider life as slightly bigger fish in our King’s Hall pond. Before all that, we enter the final fortnight of this academic year after a little respite over the weekend.

Taunton is buzzing with the International T20 match today and the Women’s World Cup to follow and so let’s hope that the sunnier weather continues, but perhaps at not quite such enervating temperatures of a couple of days ago.

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