Learning Strategies

The Learning Strategies department is situated in the quad at the centre of the school. It is a lively and welcoming resource, offering support and advice for pupils, parents and staff alike. Pupils with a range of learning difficulties and disabilities, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and language processing difficulties, as well as EAL pupils, benefit from individually tailored learning programmes and specialist teaching. Tuition may also be provided for pupils who need extra help and guidance before scholarship exams. Individual educational plans (IEPs) and a communication booklet keep all staff and parents involved with the pupil's difficulties, strengths, learning plans and targets.

We aim to help pupils gain confidence in their learning by providing appropriate intervention, helping them find strategies to overcome their difficulties and, most importantly, to protect and boost their self-esteem.

Miss Mary Gilmore is the school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator and Head of the Learning Strategies department. Along with an experienced, dedicated and fully trained staff we have four teachers offering specialist help in literacy and numeracy in the Prep department and Marjory Prosser offers learning support in the Pre-Prep department.

There are close links when necessary with outside agencies for assessment and advice on planning, delivering and monitoring appropriate programmes.

Pupils requiring learning support in the Prep School may receive between one and five 30 minute individual lessons each week. They will not be withdrawn from core curriculum subjects and we aim for minimum disruption to a pupil's timetable. They may be withdrawn from part of the weekly lessons in Art, Music, Technology or Drama, but individual preferences are always taken into account.

In the Prep School individual specialist lessons are charged to parents at the end of each term.

The Learning Strategies and EAL policies have more information and can be found by clicking here

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