King's Hall Adventure Playground Project

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In June we held a workshop and asked our King's Hall children about their ideas for an adventure playground. Click on the video to see what they said.

Having involved the children in the design phase we calculate we will need to raise £50k in the next few months. The good news is that, thanks to the incredible generosity of one family, we are 25% of the way to the required amount.

At this time of year, we usually have an Annual Fund appeal for parents and friends who feel well disposed to the School. This year then, the adventure playground will be the focus of that Annual Fund.

Help us if you can by contacting Julian Mack in the King’s Schools Development Office on 01823 328 238 or by email or simply click here.

<h2>The Plan</h2>

The Plan

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Casting wide for evidence of the positive impacts of different sorts of vigorous play, it turns out there is a tome of research to prove the point. The benefits go beyond increased motivation and concentration in the classroom, fabulous news though that is for parents and teachers alike. Climbing, sliding, swinging, general adventuring about the place are proven to boost emotional intelligence, general health, intelligence and creativity. Who knew play could do you so much good?

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