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“Nearly there”, someone said to me yesterday as I was walking slowly down a corridor. I thought for a moment they were commenting on my snail like progress and trying to offer words of encouragement to one in need, but on stopping to chat a little it turns out they were referring to the number of days left in January. She explained that in her annual mind-set January was just time to pass between New Year and February. I guess there is some truth in that with the colder, greyer, darker and less fun-filled weeks, as well as the need to ‘come down’ from the highs of Christmas and New Year; furthermore for those who may have taken on a ‘dry January’ the fact that we are ‘nearly there’ has greater potential to raise a smile!

In terms of academic preparation however, January is a really important month to put some very useful miles in the bank. The fewer distractions and changes to routine allow for sustained application and, rather like an athlete’s unglamorous and arduous winter training, the more you put in the more you benefit down the line.

All work and no play is definitely not the way of things at King’s Hall – nor should it be for anyone – and so there continues to be plenty to read about in this week's Newsletter. I often walk around and hear giggles and laughter coming from around corners or behind doors (that’s just the staff!) as well as seeing countless examples of people enjoying each other’s company as we share time together. If that’s what it’s like before the end of January then there is even more to look forward to as we move a little deeper into the year ahead.

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