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It’s 5pm on Friday 1 December. The children have all gone home, the sun has set and all should be quiet within the Pre-Prep walls as the weekend approaches and another week is over. In reality there is a hive of activity taking place as the Pre-Prep elves are busily creating a festive wonderland to herald the arrival of Christmas for the last two weeks of term. Christmas music is blaring, lights are being untangled and several people are doing battle to complete the puzzles of hanging decorations and piecing together the Christmas tree. There is also a wonderful array of glitter, sequins, cotton wool, glue and coloured tin foil lining the shelves ready for busy little hands to create the pictures, models, decorations and ornaments that will adorn the tables, walls and trees of their homes this yuletide.

In addition to this we will also be rehearsing in earnest for our forthcoming Nativity play. The stage is in place and the costumes have arrived from the depths of our costume store which have both heightened the excited anticipation for the children. To say we are going to be busy is probably quite an understatement!

I extend a huge THANK YOU to the staff who manage to dig deep and somehow find the energy, after what has already been quite a long term, to ensure a Pre-Prep Christmas is a truly magical time for the children.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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