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As the children arrived back at school following the Easter break, they shared all the things they are looking forward to during this term. High on the list was the possibility of swimming in the outdoor pool, closely followed by playtime on the field (without the added stress of putting on coats, welly boots, hats and gloves!) Other favourites included being able to take their learning outside of the classroom, and of course the Summer Show and Sports Day which is our traditional finale to the academic year. However, we thought about how many of these things relied on the weather. It is true that when the sun is shining we all tend to feel happier, but can we rely on the sun to shine throughout the whole of the Summer Term? We decided that the answer was probably not!

I introduced the idea of ‘bucket filling’ with the children using the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud. It told us that we all carry an invisible bucket around with us which has only one job - to hold good thoughts and feelings about yourself. We learned that by saying and doing kind things for one another, we can make sure our buckets stay full. As well as this, we also learned that when we say or do unkind things we ‘dip’ into another's bucket and not only remove happiness from theirs, but also from our own, which will in turn make us feel sad.The children really picked up on this idea and could be heard thanking each other for helping to "fill their bucket" and reminding each other not to be a ‘bucket dipper’. Hopefully, with everyone filling buckets and the prospect of sunshine, we are set for a very happy Summer term!

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