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As we all well know, life doesn’t always go to plan. There is a strong understanding here at King’s Hall that the process of learning often involves making mistakes and on Monday I reflected with the children that we, quite rightly, celebrate many successes in our assemblies but that most of what goes on in our daily dealings at school is imperfect by definition. Things often go wrong more than they go right. And this is cool. This is something to accept as a positive, not necessarily to celebrate in the traditional sense, but certainly something to welcome and fully embrace as an exciting aspect of continual improvement. So, on Monday, I introduced EMOFs: Epic Moments Of Failure. I want to mention in assemblies, only occasionally without making too big a deal of it, times where something has been a frustration but a lesson learned. That lunchtime I was bombarded with chatter of EMOFs amongst the Year 3 and 4 children as I queued for food. Some of them had a few of their own whilst others were only too happy to spill the beans about their parents’ shortcomings!! Anyhow, suffice to say, the intended effect had been achieved and there was a lot of healthy acceptance and admittance of the mistakes in our lives. The first EMOF to hit an assembly was the news that Mrs Brazier had washed her iPhone over the weekend and she was confident she had learned her lesson!

I’m not sure this is about to be the most appropriate segway but I move from EMOFs to Governors! Yesterday saw our annual Education Day where the Governors come and enjoy lessons with your children and chat to them and the staff at break times. It is an important, valuable and fun exercise where, once again, the children are the stars. Their willingness and enthusiasm for sharing their learning experiences is infectious and all the Governors who joined us left with a spring in their step and a smile on their faces – and in many cases somewhat more knowledgeable in certain disciplines.

The second sentence of this missive includes the word ‘understanding’. When I typed it I had the ending in the wrong order and the auto spell check turned it into ‘understand gin’. No doubt there is some combination of EMOFs, learning from experience and ‘understand gin’ I could write about but it is also a timely reminder that there is a social gathering tonight at the County Ground – indoors if wet so do come along still. Perhaps I’ll see some of you there for a while.

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