At King’s Hall School we have three boarding houses and each of the boarding houses has between 3 and 5 dorms and each dorm has six to eight beds. Every child has his or her own personal space which they are encouraged to personalise to make homely. In each of the boarding houses there is a large common room area where the children can relax and socialise with friends whether playing on the games consoles, computers, watching television, board games or just relaxing. Weekends are spent either at school or on one of a variety of activities, including visits to adventure parks, horse riding, quad biking and many more!

The Houseparents oversee the running of the houses and the children’s welfare, with the help of an assistant Housemistress. We also have four Gap students who play an invaluable role in caring for the children. Matron is on hand at all times helping the children to organise themselves and to make sure they have clean clothes and everything they need. We also have a school nurse who is there for the children who might need medication or just a bit of TLC!

Communication is vital and children are allowed mobile phones during the evenings and are encouraged to contact home regularly via Skype, email and letter writing.

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