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For a few days this week I have been in Edinburgh at the annual IAPS Heads’ Conference. The IAPS was formed in 1892 after a small collection of Heads gathered to discuss and formalise a proposal to use a lighter weight of cricket ball and slightly shorter wicket for the children in their schools - things have come a long way since then! This year, IAPS celebrates its 125th Anniversary and is a vibrant, active association: well over 400 Prep Heads met this week and discussed the matters of the moment.

There was an interesting talk entitled Rethinking Education and one thread within this session was on the oft mentioned concern of ‘what world and workplace are we preparing the children for’? The fact that automation and artificial intelligence are increasingly prevalent is surely something to fear? Cars park themselves, fridges re-order supplies, robots build everything and so what is left once everything that can be automated is automated? The reassuring answer to the question ‘what’s left once everything that can be is automated’ is: everything important.

To paraphrase a quote by Gary Kasparov from his book “Where Machine Intelligence Ends and Human Creativity Begins” he suggests there are three significant qualities humans possess that machines do not: the ability to dream, machines follow instructions whilst we have purpose and machines do not possess curiosity.

I should be back later today and will head into final preparations for tomorrow’s Autumn Fayre. The list of lots in the Silent Auction is an impressive array so do head over to make several high bids during the afternoon whilst enjoying everything on offer - see you there.

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