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I leave for the Middle East this afternoon with the Custos, as well as our Director of Finance and Operations. We are exploring further opportunities overseas whilst also visiting King’s College Doha to conduct its annual inspection. I am looking forward to seeing the current scene at KCD with more than double the number of children since it opened last September and I hear the swimming pool development is moving into its final stages.

One of the more obvious aspects of heading to that area is that it will be significantly hotter than here. However, I have been hearing the tag ‘Hotober’ bandied about at the moment as the temperatures here are expected to head into the 20s and even towards 30 if the conditions align. An Indian Summer if ever there was and no doubt many of you will be giving the outdoor furniture and barbecues one last run out.

Whilst I am pretty sure that the phrase ‘Indian Summer’ refers to North American Indians, we will be welcoming some children from King’s College India here for the next week. Four girls and three boys will be with us in Years 6 and 7 and thirteen older children will be at King’s College. There will be some celebrations along the way, including Diwali which falls on the 19th, and no doubt there will be much to gain from each other’s company.

I hope you all have a good weekend before we head into the last stretch to half term.

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