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Happy New Year!

Published on: Friday, January 11, 2019

A very Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas.

This week’s newsletter is a little shorter as we have only been active for a couple of days. It just contains a few reminders and ‘usual service’ will resume next Friday.

I will, however, share two humorous moments from the week to help fight off any January blues.

I passed through Heathrow on Monday heading off with the Custos on school business and, of course, underwent the usual bag security check. My backpack was pulled aside and the security woman had quite a smile on her face. ‘Do you know what’s in your bag, Sir?’. I replied, ‘chargers, passport, notebook etc but nothing like scissors or liquids that would be a problem’. It turned out, though, that this was not the case as a small hammer had been left in there from a New Year’s day family trip fossil hunting on Kilve beach!

Then, just this morning, Mr Halls was taking assembly and asked if there was anything people might do differently in 2019. One child piped up, ‘Don’t be fooled by Black Friday offers’ – sage advice indeed!

You might be interested to know that by the end of assembly Mr Halls had announced the brilliant creation of a King’s Hall weekly Park Run – it starts next week.

Finally, this term we have our very popular FoKHS Quiz and I believe the Chief Pelican will be writing to you soon so remember to set the date aside and sign up.

Merry Christmas!

Published on: Friday, December 14, 2018

Everyone has been getting into the festive spirit at King’s Hall School and, as always, this final week of term – and countdown to the Christmas holidays – has been both action-packed and fun-filled.

There have been nativities, the Carol Service, fundraising and Christmas lunches, to name but a few of the goings on – many are featured in this festive edition of our weekly newsletter so do read on...

Last week you may remember that I mentioned my Christmas jumper ... if you look closely you might just spot it!

Wishing you and your families a very happy Christmas from HEADlines.

Getting into the Festive Spirit!

Published on: Friday, December 7, 2018

The Christmas dam has finally burst this morning. All week some festive spirit (not that kind just yet!) has been washing over the top, seeping underneath and escaping around the edges, but this morning there was no holding the flood back as the Nursery Nativity washed over us all with its Christmas charm, familiar story-telling and wonderful moments that only 2, 3 and 4 year olds can create.

In the Pemberton Room at the front of the school, we have enjoyed the annual arrival of the Christmas tree, which this year is particularly spectacular, together with our Nativity scene. This year we also have the addition of a knitted Nativity scene which is on the first landing and is the wonderful creation of Miss Biggs’ mother. Do come and have a look if you have a moment. Even I have been wearing a Christmas jumper on the odd occasion this week, although I thought it better not to wear it for the Governors’ meeting on Wednesday. One of the more rewarding aspects of my role is the incredible range of diverse experiences, contexts and events that fill my diary and the Governors’ meeting discussing serious strategic matters was followed within 24 hours with playing mass games of Racing Demon with about 50 other adults and children in the Woodard Room.

The brainchild of our Chief Pelican, Donald Rice, the card session of family fun was a great success and this link will take you a quick video on Twitter @KingsHallSchool. Many thanks to the Friends of King’s Hall for creating and delivering the event. We move deeper into Christmas now with various parties, lunches, assemblies and theatre trips over the next seven days. We start with the Carol Service this weekend and I look forward to seeing you in the King’s College Chapel at 5.30pm on Sunday.

Creeping Closer to Christmas

Published on: Friday, November 30, 2018

My week has included an evening in the boarding house and a quick look into tally charts in the Rose Garden.

I was a little late for my maths lesson this morning – sorry Year 4 – but Miss Biggs had it covered.Using a passage from Alice in Wonderland the children recorded the number of each vowel present.Before they started we asked which vowel we thought would appear most and, sure enough, ‘e’ was the most frequently used. It was quite tricky though and we didn’t all come out with same count. I must pop over to see their final bar charts next week as they were working very hard.

A couple of hours with the Junior Boys in the boarding house on Tuesday evening was a joyous frolic and the time flew by.Showers, putting dirty laundry out, tidying away clothes etc were all done without fuss and in good time because the boys wanted to play.They wanted to play Hide and Seek in the dark, mainly, but once the younger ones headed off to brush teeth and settle to a speaking book version of George’s Marvellous Medicine, I also managed to entice the Year 6 boys into several rounds of Hunt the Thimble!I have learned a fabulous new place to hide a metal thimble now – if you come round to play you’ll take ages to spot it!

Today is the final day of November meaning Advent season is upon us. We can mention Christmas and all the festivity that goes with it with impunity. The celebrations include our wonderful Carol Service which falls next Sunday and all Prep children are expected to attend. It is in the King’s College Chapel and I know the choirs and readers are fully into the preparations to make it such a fabulous occasion for us all.

Exams for some next week and I hope you all enjoy some rest over the weekend.

A week of delights

Published on: Friday, November 23, 2018

A week dominated by the Year 8 play has brought the richly deserved rewards for the children and to those staff involved.I had heard glowing reports from adults and children who saw the school performance and so was eager for last night’s performance. What a wonderful range of talented and confident and composed and vibrant children who collaborated so powerfully to realise Mrs Keirle and Mr DJ’s vision for our marvellous entertainment.So many aspects brought surprise and delight as a familiar tale was delivered with great style, sense of fun and ingenuity. If you are reading this and coming for the final performance tonight – you’re in for a treat.

Another moment of delight this week was umpiring the Under 12B girls’ hockey team on Wednesday afternoon.Bar a slightly flat five minutes in the second half, it was a great game with the girlsupbeat, energetic, supportive of each other, determined and full of positive intent about playing good hockey.Having spent the morning in an important (but very long) Finance and Estates meeting held at the College, it was particularly delightful to put on a tracksuit and get out in the (very) fresh air!

Working even further back in my week to Monday, the third delight to mention came when I visited the King’s Equestrian Centre that we have created within the Netherclay stables, just on the edge of Taunton.The King’s unit stands out and is clearly a great facility which King’s Hall children have already been to on several occasions; one child even stables their horse there permanently now.The official opening is next week and so I’m sure we will hear even more about this in the future.

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