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Embrace your inner child...

Published on: Friday, February 23, 2018

Straight back into the swing of things and this week I have met with several prospective parents. One conversation that comes up quite often is the fact that many parents look around our site and wish they could return to the carefree days of childhood. This was also a topic when showing a visiting Head from a local primary school and, as I explained to them all, going up to Year 8 here without a senior school around means you can be a child for a little longer!

As it so stands, my week has included some suitably ‘childish’ moments. I had a lovely half hour in Year 2 on Wednesday where there was much excitement as the children took their first foray into the world of fractions. We then had a small break to run over a recital of The Gingerbread Man, whilst also considering punctuation, and then just as I had to go, Mrs Kittow was about to make sandwiches which were going to be cut into various fractions and eaten: poor diary management on my part!

At lunch today there was chat amongst Year 4 boys about various children’s TV programmes that they now consider beneath them! “Guess what? My brother could sing the whole of the Thomas the Tank Engine song!" There were giggles that they had once enjoyed ‘Tractor Ted’ and heaven forbid that there was any kudos to be had from any association with ‘3rd and Bird’, ‘The Koala Brothers’ or (one of my personal favourites) ’64 Zoo Lane’.

We may all be familiar with the verse from Corinthians that reads: “When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” Well, I agree with Mr Sprague who, when this quote came up not that long ago, chipped in that “…and most regret doing so!”.

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Half Term

Published on: Friday, February 9, 2018

We move into half term with so many recent successes and terrific events meaning we definitely have earned the rest. Foremost of the recent activities has been the amazing quantity and quality of musical involvement at the Taunton Music Festival, as well as the Lent Concert. The age range is impressive and so is the enthusiasm and vivacity that emanates from them all as part of the King’s Hall music scene. I know there will be details to come but many congratulations to all involved.

Other ‘successes’ come from all across the school and again some of them are detailed here or perhaps linked to the website – such as the Under 13 boys qualifying for the Hockey National Finals.

Last night also saw some adult successes as the Friends of King’s Hall Quiz Night was another terrific occasion: well done and thanks to the Chief Pelican and her team who should be very pleased with the fun and enjoyment they created for all who attended. Well done to the winning team called ‘We Thought This Was Speed Dating!’ who just edged out a King’s College staff team in the final round.

Have a great week as we all draw breath. The second half will bring many more events including 13+ Scholarship challenges for many Year 8s, ‘Arabian Nights’ performances for Year 6 and we all head towards the House Music competition on the final afternoon – get it in your diary now.

Reasons to be cheerful...

Published on: Monday, February 5, 2018

How far can you walk into a forest? Those who enjoy quirky questions will know that the answer is ‘halfway’, thereafter you are walking out of the forest. Well, today, in relation to our seasonal calendars, we are halfway into winter and now begin to move out as we head towards Spring. I hope you have other reasons to be cheerful (and how many of you can’t help saying ‘Part 3’ as a natural extension to those four words?) as we enter February. Father Mark was reminding us of this and related it to Candlemass and Groundhog Day as well – it’s also (inevitably) a couple of important birthdays today for some.

A few other reasons for some to be cheerful also cross my mind: Year 8 CE candidates have completed a week of exam trials without too much fuss (well done to them), Six Nations start this weekend, the gorgeous sun has been wonderful recently, Year 6 are getting to grips with their play, Mrs Hand’s senior netball group all know they can shoot more accurately than me, it’s half term in only seven days – oops, shouldn’t have said that last one out loud!

Before then, one other reason to be cheerful if quizzes float your boat is the FoKHS quiz which is now looming next Thursday. If you’d enjoy an evening of fun with some friends do sign up as plans will need firming up pretty soon.

Have a good weekend and I may see many of you on a touchline tomorrow - I won’t be either the GS or GA!

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